The OFFICIAL site of
"THE TRUMPET"- Jazz Venue

Hello All,

Gigs are now able to take place inside if the weather is not favourable.

All customers must still add their contact details in the log book each time they visit or scan the QR code, as before.

Stay safe and hope to see you soon.
Musti and Diane

  • Please be aware that payment for drinks and snacks is cash only, we do not have contactless payment at the pub. Numerous ATM's can be found up and down Bilston high street, if required. 

  • Posters are on display to encourage people to keep their distance and hand washing / hand sanitising is available.

  • On entering the premises, you will see posters with  "Track and Trace" QR codes. If you have your smartphone with the NHS COVID-19 app, please use this code to register your attendance; otherwise we ask you to provide your phone number and name, for the log book, to the bar staff.

  • Customers are served once they are seated at a table.

  • To avoid creating queues, no one is served at the bar.

  • Looking forward to seeing you all again !


To anyone who  has never visited "The Trumpet"

If it’s your first visit, please bear in mind a few points regarding the collection tray:

  1. The Trumpet is a single-room public house, and as such, we cannot charge an entrance fee due to this fact; otherwise it cannot be classed as a “public” house.

  2. For decades, The Trumpet has put on entertainment 7 nights a week, plus Sunday lunch, by a huge number of artists, all of which must be paid. The takings behind the bar are not enough to subsidise this, as well as paying the brewery and all of our other overheads that come with running a venue.

  3. The tradition of passing around the tray has been around since live jazz started at The Trumpet and is unconditionally accepted by our regulars. If it was not for this tradition, we would not be able to host so much entertainment for you guys. Where else can you go to be entertained by top class musicians for the price of an extra pint or two? Please understand, that when you are approached for a donation, your contribution will be towards the continuation of this institution. The pub is small, and with social distancing now in place, it is getting smaller. You only have to read the history of The Trumpet (found on our website), to see how long this tradition has been going. The addition of the raffle is an extra attempt to boost “the pot” for the entertainment, and not a penny of these donations go anywhere except towards the payment of the bands.

  4. The management are doing their best and work very hard to keep this pub and live music venue going on a small budget to provide the same amount of entertainment that has been provided for many years.

  5. We hope this message is passed on, and we shall soon continue  to supply you a first class music venue which will be available, again, every day of the week.