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Mike Hardacre - 101.8 WCR FM

Wolverhampton City Radio - 101.8 FM

Mike Hardacre
"Milestones and all that Jazz"
From 12:00 am every Tuesday


Mike Hardacre

Wolverhapton City Radio

Mike has been a lover of Jazz since his adolescence - he came into Jazz through a love of Rock and Roll that developed into a passion for the blues and then modern jazz.

Milestones as a programme does not confine itself to any era of Jazz and you are likely to hear everything from Louis Armstrong through Chicago Style Dixie , Big Bands , Bop, West Coast Cool, Soul Jazz, Hard Bop, Fusion as well as blues of all descriptions.

Mike tells some of the stories behind the records and says, "Doing this programme has widened my own appreciation of jazz and certainly made me understand the importance of Duke Ellington to Jazz both as popular music and as an art form"

Mike also keeps you up to date with a weekly gig guide to jazz events round and about Wolverhampton and often plays tracks by local artists and those performing locally.

Mike says, "There is a mistaken belief that Jazz is difficult music but it isn't. Much of the music I play is melodic, accessible and often downright good fun. So join me for good music and a wry look at the state of the world for either of the two airings a week the programme is transmitted."

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