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Andy Hamilton and The Blue Notes
Bev Pegg and His Good Time Jazz Gang
Billy Thompson Band (Gypsy Jazz)
Black and Blues Band
Bon Accord
Chase Jazzmen
Chris Carmell Jazz Band
Dangerous Juxtaposition
Dutch Lewis Quartet
Emily Bacons Good Time Gang
Freddie Pirotta Band
From the Archive
Greyish Quartet (Blues/Jazz)
Hard Graft
Hard Graft
Henry Newman Band
Inspector Gadjo Trio
Jochen Eisentraut Trio (Jazz/Latin/Reggae)
Kevin Hassetts REDUX
Kevin Hassetts Redux
Liam Halloran Band
Lucy-Anne Daniels Quartet and guests from the Birmingham Conservatoire
Open Mic Night
Patsy Fuller and the Revelators
Patsy Gamble Quartet
Paul Brindley (The Loveless)
Paula Jackman’s Jazz Masters
Rich Dickinson
Roy Forbes Quartet
Sam Rogers Quartet
Sauce City Jazz Band
Shakedown Brothers
Sheila Waterfield Quartet
Smokin Eskimo
Sons of Eddie
Sounds Acoustic
The Comrades
The Grey Goose Blues Band
The Melvin Hancox Band
The Picture
The Remi Harris Trio
Tim Amann xTet
Tom Martin
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