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The Trumpet is going strong!

The last two years have been difficult for hospitality venues, including The Trumpet. Musti and Diane have been working hard to find ways to keep the Trumpet open, providing live music and great beer.

Following the lockdown, we had a series of very successful gigs in the garden. Thanks to the support of some of our regulars from gardening to painting to collecting track and trace information and of course the wonderful mural.

Some of you might have attended some of our Themed Evenings, such as the French Evening on Bastille Night, The Spanish Fiesta with Musti’s Paella and the Caribbean Evening for Black History Month. We have had great support from CAMRA and we are in the Good Beer Guide again this year.

We have also been actively supporting local bands. Some of these haven’t been Jazz, but it has been great live music. For example bands such as Rumour, TC's Backyard Blues/Rock Band, The Grey Goose Blues Band and The Martian Social Club. This has helped to bring new younger customers in to the pub.

Life has changed for almost everyone in recent times. The Trumpet is not immune from changes.  Hopefully, some of the bands that used to play here will feel comfortable to play here once again as things return to normal after COVID, along with our older regular customers.


We have introduced some new jazz. For many years, Tim Amann has played here and now through his son Aidan we have forged links with the Birmingham Conservatoire. We have regular Friday appearances from some highly talented young musicians. We have also looked further afield and for example had Kevin Hassett Redux from Cheshire, which proved a real success.

With this much variety, and to help you decide which bands to come and see, we have reintroduced a style code. See website: Thanks to Dave, the webmaster, for all his work.

We welcome feedback. Just email and chat to Musti or Diane at the pub when you next visit.

We'd like to re-assure you that the Trumpet continues its traditions, providing great live music for all to enjoy and remains predominantly a jazz venue


Jazz Venue - Bilston

Please be aware that payment for drinks and snacks is cash only, we do not have contactless payment at the pub. Numerous ATM's can be found up and down Bilston high street, if required.

We are receiving some comments on social media, from non-regular, but very welcome guests which mention a surprise and a reluctance to contribute to the tray and raffle during the performances of the attending bands.

If it’s your first visit, please bear in mind a few points regarding the collection tray:

1. The Trumpet is a single-room public house, and as such, we cannot charge an entrance fee due to this fact; otherwise it cannot be classed as a “public” house.

2. For decades, The Trumpet has put on entertainment 7 nights a week, plus Sunday lunch, by a huge number of artists, all of which must be paid. The takings behind the bar are not enough to subsidise this, as well as paying the brewery and all of our other overheads that come with running a venue.

3. The tradition of passing around the tray has been around since live jazz started at The Trumpet and is unconditionally accepted by our regulars. If it was not for this tradition, we would not be able to host so much entertainment for you guys. Where else can you go to be entertained by top class musicians for the price of an extra pint or two? Please understand, that when you are approached for a donation, your contribution will be towards the continuation of this institution. The pub is small, and with social distancing now in place, it is getting smaller. You only have to read the history of The Trumpet (found on our website), to see how long this tradition has been going. The addition of the raffle is an extra attempt to boost “the pot” for the entertainment, and not a penny of these donations go anywhere except towards the payment of the bands.

4. Social media is a sign of the times, and is a huge sounding board for The Trumpet, we have had a very positive response via this medium which has boosted our attendances and encouraged more newcomers to our corner of the world. The feedback from the management regarding the cautious re-opening of the pub, after lockdown, was very positive, and if it wasn't for social media and the internet, it would not have been so.

5. The management are doing their best and work very hard to keep this pub and live music venue going on a small budget to provide the same amount of entertainment that has been provided for many years. Any frustration shown, is merely due to a willingness to keep this tradition and venue going.

6. We hope this message is passed on, and we receive no more negative feedback on what is, in effect, our means of supplying you a first class music venue which will soon be available, again, every day of the week.

With kind regards,

The Trumpet Management